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Inicio Twenty/Twenty Mexican Supreme Court has attracted three trials against Yucatan State Congress

Mexican Supreme Court has attracted three trials against Yucatan State Congress

By TwentyTwenty

This year, the Colectivo por la Protección de Todas las Familias en Yucatan is hopeful to win a lawsuit against local congressmen for their decision to vote banning same-sex marriage, which also implies a violation of the Federal Pact.

Member Cesar Briceño told that in the next months the Supreme Court could rules three cases in which this Colectivo, Article 19, and other two civil rights defenders had sued the Yucatan Congress over a secret vote to deny a same-sex marriage bill, and going against what the Court stablished in 2015 acknowledging the right in Mexico for everyone to marry, without regarding gender identity.

Briceño said this year the Congress of Yucatan has the opportunity to vindicate its position about legal marriage for every one, and respect not only human rights but also the law.

He pointed out that from the three trials against congressmen, two of them are due to their decision of voting twice, April and July 2019, against two efforts for same-sex marriage and also doing it by secret ballot.

This type of voting stopped the Yucatecan citizens from knowing who voted against it or in favor, preventing transparency in the process.

In the third one, the Yucatan Congress is accused for violating the determination of the Pacto Federal. This means that this organization ignored that it already exists a determination from the Supreme Court that endorses same-sex marriage without any gender distinction throughout Mexico.

He explained that by doing this, Yucatecan Congress is acting like if it was a greater institution to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and is also violating the legal framework of the Federation.

In addition, Briceño said that the analysis of this third trial will be made by the judge Juan Luis González Alcántara Carrancá.

He noted that González Alcántara Carrancá requested that the Mexican Supreme Court would appeal the case because it has been a topic of his interest, due to the legal reach that could have what the judges finally decide about the Yucatan Congress behavior, and if this violates the sexually diverse population rights.


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