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And app to record and expose political violence against women

By Twenty Twenty

The AMISY Collective (Agenda de las Mujeres para la Igualdad Sustantiva en Yucatan) is promoting and app to keep record about gender violence actions against women during and after local elections this year in Yucatan.

AMISY is a pro women rights association conformed by activists and social researchers whose objective is to watch and expose political violence and inequity.

This year they decided to develop the app Ma’Violencia (Not to violence) to record allegations of political misconduct against women participating in the electoral process.

Before the election campaigns start – next April – the collective plans to train 20 delegates for dealing with political violence cases and about how tu use the app.

The app allows to gather different kind of evidences like videos, pictures, audio or even testimonies of those who witnessed the aggression or attack, this in case that the complainant has such material.

With that evidence, AMISY’s team will be able to present the allegations before the prosecuting authorities who are in charge of solving violence cases against women in the election context.

The project will work as a hub in which they will integrate the allegations in blocks presented once a week. From this very first step, the collective hopes to have at least one a week for receiving response from the authorities on the integration of the complaint and with that, follow up on the cases.

The app is a tool that will stay after the intermediate election campaigns, as it seeks to mark a precedent on a national level on political violence cases against women. 

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