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She’s just a child dreaming to become a fashion designer

By Twenty Twenty

Mayte Euan is only nine years old, but she’s already dreaming to become a fashion designer and to dress people no matter the age they are.

She lives in Tzucacab a little southern town of Yucatan. There she learned how to use a sewing machine when she was five years old only by watching the needle going up and down while her father was stepping on the machine’s pedal.

This year she received her own sewing machine. Jhonnny Euan, her father, gave it to her as a gift this past January after realizing how insistent she was with the thread, the needle and the cloth.

Now she’s making little clothes for dolls, wallets and pillows that you can find and buy at her dad’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jhonny.euan.77

After seeing the amazing effort of his little girl, Johnny Euan decided to show her designs on Facebook.

As a result, he received messages and phone calls of interested people in buying the products, and also to know if they can deliver them in Merida.

He says that Mayte started to sew everything by hand. “I was afraid that she would get hurt, but she was also very careful”.

 “But one day I saw on sale a pedal sewing machine on Facebook. I bought it, and when she saw it she was extremely happy. It’s a small machine, not industrial, but when she started using it, it was as if she had a lot of experience”, Euan said.

 “Sometimes I even tell her to stop sewing. I don’t know if she doesn’t get tired to be sitting in front of the machine making dresses for her dolls all day long. But I’m happy for her, because in these times, there’s a lot of unemployed people and at least I know that in the future, this can be a business for her”.

To make a pillow, Mayte takes a whole day: she makes the molds in paper, cut them and replicates them on the fabric.

 “One day -says his father- I asked her if she wanted to teach other girls from town to use the sewing machine without charging them, and she said yes”.

 “We never thought that the pillows were going to be a success. The main idea was for Mayte to make two or three for using in the house, and that’s it”, he said.

And now, what started as a hobby for Mayte Euan, is a small business that helps a little to her family.

Remember, if you want to know more about her textil job and buy something, you can check her dad’s Facebook account:



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