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Their houses will be demolished to build a train station

By Twenty Twewnty

Eleven families in Merida are uncertain about their housing future because Fonatur (Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo) is planning to demolish their houses to build a new central station for the Tren Maya project in the city.

Until this day, they have no idea where does Fonatur will remove them or how much money will they receive for compensation.

After 80 years living at 43-A street, nearby the Arts School of Yucatan (ESAY) and the Train Museum, now they’re looking at how the whole zone is going to change in order to give place to a new train station for the Tren Maya.

But there is something for sure, as they said: “we are not going to move from here until Fonatur sets clear what is willing to give us in exchange to leave our houses”.

The houses are on 43-A street, at the intersection with 48th street and 1ero. De Mayo, in Merida’s downtown and next to a venue popularly known as “La Plancha,” the old entrance to the city’s train station, which is now the headquarters of ESAY.

Last February 16, families who live in those houses gathered with the personal of Fonatur. In the meeting they were informed hat the executive project of the construction work in that area is not finished yet.

That’s why, they also don’t know what are they going to offer in exchange of leaving their homes for completing the project of the Tren Maya’s new station.

A problem that everyone’s facing is that neither of them have a document certifying that they’re homeowners because that land used to be, 80 years ago, galleys at the station where workers could sleep for being part of the national railway system.

With time, Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico yielded to them the land for living. Since that they improved the galleys until they turned it into houses for them and for their families.

Now, that land will be used for building a big park, with green areas, commercial areas and the new train station.


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