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How effective the bike lines will be in order to improve people’s transportation in Merida?

By Mariana Cortés Beltrán

The bike line’s installation in different points of Yucatan’s capital will allow to have new safe spaces for bicycle use, and also to finally recognize these vehicles a real way of mobility for a big part of the population, and not just for fun.

For the Bici Movimiento Alternativo (BMA) and the Colectivo Turixes – who gather bicycle users in the city – there’s still a lot to do for improving the road culture and the bike lines are far from being a guarantee for preventing cyclist’s deaths by hit-and-run accidents.

Everardo Flores, Cicloturixes’ founder said: “we know that a lot of people could use the bicycle if there’s a safe structure, and we’re also aware that this needs to be complemented with the due respect for road culture.”

At the same time Daniel, -who asked to no reveal his last name-, a member of the BMA, recalled that Yucatan is at the second place in the country in bicycle utilization for going to work, so this kind of projects “will help a lot of people to move around in a safer way.”

For this reason, he considered vital the community participation in the transition from using cars to bicycles. Only like that, he said, drivers will start respecting the traffic behavior rules.

Ha also said that, “It must not be forgotten that on a bicycle there’s a life and a story, and that we all have the right to use the public road”.

He also recalled that Yucatan’s Reglamento de Transito lacks of parameters about the use of bike lines, and this may cause difficulties.

“It must be clear what are our rights, but also cyclist’s obligations to a better relation with pedestrians, cars and public transportation.”

What challenges do cyclist’s face?

  • High speed: in Merida there are streets and avenues where cars ride above the allowed speed limit, so cycling becomes dangerous.
  • Respect to cyclist’s space: car drivers, buses or cargo vehicles push those who use bicycles for moving to give way and pass, using the horn or shouting, and when they exceed the bicycle they do it so without respecting the minus distance of 1.5 meters.
  • More efficient places are needed to leave bicycles safely and reliably, in both public and private spaces.
  • To improve the cycle roads project that used speed reducing buoys to delineate the routes instead of using roadblocks designed for cyclist roads that actually exist and are used in other parts of the country or the world.


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